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Writer's Block: Put it all together, it spells Mother
What's the most important lesson your mom taught you?

;___; mommy

Um um um she taught me... to always help people? People didn't go to her for help much but a lot of times there were... what was it...
Stray cats. That's right, there were stray cats, she'd always leave food out for them.
And sometimes the neighbors would complain, and a few times raccoons got in the food and messed things up, but she never stopped putting out food for them.



Writer's Block: Who wants to live forever?
Would you want to live forever? Does your answer change depending on whether or not everyone else gets to live forever as well?

No... especially not in this dump. But isn't that already what we're doing? Every time I get shot, get strangled, get stabbed, I just get dragged over to a Vita Chamber and suddenly I'm right as rain. It would suck to live forever, but... I don't think I could even decide to die.

Writer's Block: It's allergies ... really!
What was the last thing that made you cry?

I cry more than a man my age should... But the last one was... hmm. One of those withdrawal hallucinations. It was my mom, but she had a heart attack while I was talking to her and died...
I hope that didn't really happen to her, topside...

Writer's Block: In search of lost time
What is your fondest childhood memory? How often does it come to mind?

I don't remember a lot from back then.
But, I remember my mom... she had a heart condition and didn't leave the house a lot, but she had a flower garden. I remember... she grew poppies. Bright red-orange flowers. She didn't like me playing out in the garden, but sometimes I'd sneak out and just stare at the flowers. DIdn't matter if they were blurry, it was the colors I was lookin' at.

Writer's Block: Homeward bound
How would you describe your dream home?

Well, it would be topside, first of all. I wouldn't want it to be too big, just enough for me and Fitzy and Naggy, and maybe my mom... assuming she's still around. Or at least nearby. A nice small house, so we'd have reason to spend time outside. Maybe some sidewalks we can use, near a town center, with lots of nice people.
It would be open- lots of windows. Maybe it sounds dumb, but I think it would be nice to be on the ocean- see it from the surface for once. I want Naggy's memories of the ocean to be building sand castles at the beach, not fighting for food under six miles of water pressure.

Writer's Block: Something to cry about
How do you feel about corporeal punishment?

Sometimes those little shits need a good whack upside the head. >:I Just like I got.
...I've never hit Naggy, though.
Should I? Would that help?

Writer's Block: Defining Moment in the Past 10 Years
Over the past 10 years if you could identify one defining moment what would that be?

I feel like any real defining moments were all... things I'd rather not talk about.
I guess coming to Rapture was a big one, but that's just something that happened, not something that defines me...
When I decided to splice tonics that would help me fight for ADAM... that must be the most defining moment...

"Post here with your character and I'll let you know what Delta thinks of them. Then go on and post a similar entry in your own character's journal!"

Not like everyone actually reposted. But. Despite the fact that Toasty doesn't think about what he says and voices his opinions frequently, his mind is rattled enough that it's hard to tell where he stands with certain people.


Real Name: Walter somethin' somethin'
Obviously he's based on the Toasty model. He's and electric thuggish splicer, although he can hit a target with a gun if he has enough time and bullets.

Gene Tonics and Plasmids:
    -Electric Flesh (recently)
    -Armored Shell
    -Wrench Lurker
    -Shorten Alarms 2
    -EVE Link 2
    -Medical Expert 2

As a kid, he lived with his mother in a fairly unimpressive suburb. His mother never did mention where exactly his father ran off to. All Toasty can really remember about his mother right now is that she had a heart condition and that she grew poppies in their backyard. He doesn't know if she's still alive.
After being in a string of relationships of varying lengths and intensities, he got involved with an aspiring author. She was invited to join Rapture, and he was allowed along as well. They broke up shortly before departure, but she agreed to give him his pass to Rapture anyway, as long as he didn't expect to be in contact with her.

Early Rapture:
Without any real skills, Walter fell into place as an odd jobs sort of person. The longest job he had was for an advertisement agency, changing posters around Rapture and on the Atlantic Express.
Being very farsighted, he couldn't see up close without wearing glasses. Fairly self-conscious of this, he began to take a series of gene tonics designed to improve his eyesight over time. While they worked, he began to develop a cataract in his left eye.
After saving up his small earnings, he was able to afford cheap surgery. Unfortunately, it was a botched surgery and his eye had to be removed to avoid infection. He began to wear an eyepatch.

Tense Times:
Walter began to see prostitutes, finding himself unable to maintain any sort of relationship with anyone (although he wasn't aware, the ADAM was beginning to take its toll on his mind and personality). During one visit with an escort, she insulted his eye deformity and ran out on him. He dragged her back into a hotel room and proceeded to rape her in his rage. She did manage to injure his lip, and he decided to just take ADAM for it instead of waiting for it to heal naturally.
He became more and more paranoid of his eye, and took to injecting ADAM in the ignorant hope that it would somehow just grow back.

Fall of Rapture:
Having no real political opinions, Walter tried to stay out of the Civil War. Eventually though, he began taking more combat-focused tonics, to increase his speed and defense, so that he could fight for ADAM.

QUESTION: Has Toasty ever killed a little sister?
Not on his own, no, but he has been caught up in temporary alliances and groups, and he was involved in the taking of ADAM from two little sisters.

lol he don't remember. Which is... depressing.

Also, if you ask him what happened to his eye he'll tell you he lost it in a fight.

Physically: Toasty has a lot of tumors. The main, largest ones are on his right shoulder, left leg, left wrist, lower middle back, and the rest are small and not as noticeable. He has a small lump on his right forehead, under his bandage, but if he keeps splicing he'll end up like a BS2 Toasty.
He's missing an eye, of course, and he has deep, unnatural bags under his eyes. His lip sags to the left, making it difficult to close all the way. The skin on his left cheek has been loosened to the point that it's actually begun tearing, showing his teeth through the skin at two points. He also has some premature wrinkling, mostly above his nose and around his eyes.
Mentally, it's not as clear. He may act fairly sane in IRC and on the Anon Meme (mostly because that's crack RPing...) but that's because he's around people. When no one's around, he begins talking to himself. He hates the silence. He does get the ADAM hallucinations, too, but only when his mind isn't distracted, which is why he likes being around people so much, even if it's people who hurt him.
It's also harder for him to focus on more than one task at once, and he also has trouble self-censoring- he rarely thinks about his words and actions beforehand, so he gets himself into a lot of trouble.


(no subject)
He didn't sit, he just stood. There never was a rule saying they couldn't sit on the seats, but the cameras were always watching, and he needed to make a good impression, even once first impressions were done and gone. Jobs were scarce. Good jobs, even more so. Walter did not have a good job.

He stood in the back of the car, watching out the small window at the ocean rushing past. He'd always liked these trains, but working on them was much different from riding them...

There were few people on the train at this time of morning. Too late for people to be out, too early for people to go to work... He thought it was strange that people stuck to such conventional schedules when, really, the position of the sun made little difference down here. Still, it made his job much easier, and when there were no people there were no complaints.

He looked up and down the car, not looking at the people, but at the advertisements lining the wall, below the ceiling, above the windows. Why anyone would want to look at them instead of the ocean just outside was beyond him, but people did. It must be the bright colors... And they certainly were bright, just put up, replacing the out-of-date events and well-established products that previously decorated the train.

Under his arm they sat, the laminated paper digging into his armpit. He never did know what they did with the old ads. Maybe someday they could sell them as vintage, but that would be so long from now. A few times he'd tried to read the from up close, thinking to himself that maybe he'd be the last person to ever read a particular sign before it was destroyed or recycled or whatever it was that happened to the ads. Looking back up at the seats, this time glancing at the passengers, her reached into his pocket and pulled out his glasses. He hated those glasses, but when he didn't take the time to read the ads, he felt worse. The idea of something just being thrown away once it was no longer useful gave him a sour feeling in his stomach.

As he read through each ad, waiting for the last stop, a young woman entered the car. She was modestly dressed, but he took in her outline through her skirt - she really was lovely. He smiled a bit as she glanced at him. Fumbling, he removed his glasses and nodded his head, but she was already seated, facing the forward, not back at him.

He really did hate those glasses... and he was saving up to finally get that surgery done. He absent-mindedly scratched at his eyelid...


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